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If you are growing our Sarpo varieties like "Crow" or any of the older ones, we would really like to find out how you got on, if you liked them and if you would grow them again, another year.  At our St David's Potato Day at Henfaes, we gave you a few suggestions on what kind of data are most useful to us.  The list below will do for starters and later we will produce a question and answer sheet on SRT News that you can fill in.

Compare your Sarpo variety(ies) to your favourite variety growing alongside as a control.
No matter how good your memory is, write information down at the time of observation.
Tubers of Kifli, Sarpo Shona, Axona and Blue Danube harvested last week from seed field

Did you chit your tubers in a cool room indoors but in plenty of light?  This can allow the plant to establish quickly after planting.
Date of Planting
Where they were planted (container or open garden)?
Soil preparation; cultivation; manures used; grown flat or ridged? mulched? 
Or container size, compost used and number of seed sown per container; liquid feed - what and how much?
Average number of stems per plant
Was foliage attacked by late-blight disease or other diseases or pests?
Watering and/or feeding, what when?
Date of harvest
Weight of crop per plant and number of tubers per plant
Were new potatoes eaten immediately or stored?
If stored, did they remain dormant or did they sprout in store?
Conditions of storage
How you cooked them
How would you describe taste: bland/strong; waxy or wet/fluffy or dry?

If you do not want to record your crop in detail it would still be valuable for us to know if you liked growing and eating the potatoes