BBC Radio GQT today asked if gardeners should grow Sarpo potatoes

Peter, Chairman of Shropshire Organic Gardeners asked the panel what they thought of Sarpo potatoes; They plan to sell all seven at their Potato Day in February. One of the panel said they are OK but he didn't like how they tasted. Please, please, please, gurus of the GQT panel, talk some sense and talk from experience.  All seven have different tastes and suit different kinds of cooking (like all other potatoes). So don't assume that because you don't like the taste of one that the others must be the same. Had Bunny Guinness been on the panel this week she would have told them that they taste great. She said as much after tasting a variety of them last winter. She then wrote up her experience in the Telegraph
And re Blue Danube as a roaster, chef and Secret Supper Club hostess Denise Baker-McLearn "they make the best roast potato ever".  In the same answer the panel made out that getting blight resistance is just selecting the ones that don't die when the blight strikes - if only! In taste tests at Garden Organic Potato Day Sarpo 'Kifli' topped the bill and everyone thought it had an excellent flavour.  Don't believe all you hear on GQT