Crowdfunding Success to Revolutionise Potato Growing

We are delighted to announce that we have completed our Crowdfund on BUZZBNK and managed to raise £42,445.00. 

During the 90-day appeal, we rapidly achieved our first milestone of £20,000 and motored on to get fairly close to our second milestone of £50,000.  This could not have been done without all our supporters who recommended our cause to so many friends and contacts. The Buzz on twitter and Facebook was amazing.  

So, many thanks to all who supported us and especially to those contributing donations and loans. We would also like to thank the team at Buzzbnk for helping acheive our aims and to the A-Team Challenge that match-funded us to the tune of £10,000. We are working hard now to pay Sarpo-seed interest to our lenders so that they can plant the seed as the soil warms up. We wish all our growers good luck with their crops. We would be delighted to hear about your experiences with Sarpo in the field or garden and also in the kitchen.  

The production and sales team are now able to make ready for a new launch of our Sarpo varieties and for sales next winter, in as many outlets as possible.

Apologies for this blog being late.  I was in Dublin and Leitrim attending Potato Events in the run-up to St Patrick's Day.  Of this, more later.