Fact or rumour? Evidence that Sarpo potatoes are tasty

Fact: blind tasting at the National Botanic Garden of Wales scored Axona above Desiree.
Fact: Moel Faban Supper Club says our Blue Danube is the “best roast potato ever” http://moelfabansecretsupperclub.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/best-roast-potatoes-ever-sarpo-blue-danube/
Fact: many people have a preference for waxy potatoes and others for floury potatoes (with plenty of butter or milk)
Fact: The Sarpo range now includes waxy, floury and intermediate potatoes.
Fact: the Prince of Wales grows a selection of Sarpos every year and enjoys them all at the Highgrove table.
Fact: Sarpos have been Thompson and Morgan’s best selling potatoes for years. People must like them.

Rumour: someone whispered that Sarpos don’t taste good. Is this because they think a worthy product must be hard to swallow?

We want you to taste our varieties; send us your evidence.