GQT:why have my stored potatoes sprouted?

A: Grow varieties with long dormancy.
Gardeners' Question Time (Radio 4) team do not seem to realise that some varieties, like most of our Sarpo varieties, have a natural, long dormancy meaning that they can be stored in a cool dark place for up to seven months.  Just think of the energy saving of not having to use a conventional, refrigerated potato store - think low carbon footprint.  Many of the commonly grown varieties will sprout by Christmas if not treated with sprout suppressant or held at low temperatures of around 4C for sometimes 12 months.  I wonder how many people know that supermarket potatoes are often treated with sprout suppressant?

If seed remains dormant in Spring, it can be stimulated to sprout in a warm (say 15 - 18C), light store before planting. If dormant seed is planted, plants may not emerge for many weeks.